Tourism & Ageing

26-29 November 2014
Estoril Congress Centre Portugal

  • November, 26th

  • 18:00 | Welcome Reception



  • November, 27th

  • 08:30 | Registration
  • 09:00 | Opening Ceremony Plenary Session

                    Nuno Guimarães Vice-Rector of ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon


                    Cristiana Oliveira Director of Tourism, Sports &  Hospitality - Universidade Europeia | Laureate International Universities


                    Miguel Pinto Luz Vice-president of Cascais Municipality


                    Pedro Ortigão Correia  Executive Administrator of  AICEP Portuguese Business Agency


                    Adolfo Mesquita Nunes Secretary State for Tourism  


                   Joana Neves Conference Chairwoman of ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon

  • 10:00 | Ian Patterson School of Tourism at the University of Queensland  | Future Trends in Older Adult Travel: from planned tour engagement to independent lived experiences 
  • 11:00 |  Coffee Break
  • 11:30 | Parallel Sessions 



    Moderator: Conceição Santos ISCTE-IUL

    11:30  |  Susana Marques   How to position Portugal as one of the main european destination references in Senior Tourism

    11:50  |  Natalie Wolf    The Airport and the Older Holidaymaker: Does Anyone Care?

    12:10  |  Denver Severt   Hospitality and Transformative Service Research: A 3-factor model for Optimal Personal Care to the Non-hedonic Tourist at Destination Assisted Living Facility

    12:30  |  Michael Guiry  Malaysia my second home programme: Participants’ perceptions of Malaysia’s international Retirement destination personality

    12:50 | Goh Chin Kwee  The Singapore Silver Traveller



    Moderator: José Paulo Esperança ISCTE-IUL

    11:30  |  Adela Cejudo‐Balderas   Strategic impact of the contry of origin for senior tourism demand: The need to balance global‐local strategies

    11:50  |  Vania Vigolo   Motor caravan tourism in na ageing society: A  supply-side perspective

    12:10  |  Bojana Spasojević    Senior tourists' preferences in developing countries – measuring perceptions of Serbian potential senior market

    12:30  |  Hélia Pereira  Fashion and Beauty Advertising Models’ Age and its Impact on Over 50 Female Consumers’ Purchase Intention


  • 13:00 | Lunch
  • 14:00 | Parallel Sessions



    Moderator: Sonia Dahab Unversidade Nova de Lisboa

    14:00  |  Ian Patterson   The mobile lifestyle of the grey nomad tourist in Australia

    14:20  |  Denver Severt     Hospitality and a Continual Care Retirement Community 

    14:40  |  Zahra Shiran    Medical tourism in Iran, Issues and Opportunities

    15:00  | Emine Aksoydan   Turkish cuisine: A healthy choice for the elderly




    Moderator: Maria Luísa Lima ISCTE-IUL

    14:00  |  Reidar Mykletun    Senior travellers touring with vintage sport cars

    14:20  |  Philip James    To gain a psychological understanding of Active Seniors’ engagement with online media before, during and post-holiday

    14:40  |  Vania Vigolo    Satisfying and delighting senior guests at hotels

    15:00  |  Adela Cejudo‐Balderas What does being senior mean in tourism market? Towards a conceptual model of the strategic differential in seniors

  • 15:20 | Break
  • 15:30 | Parallel Sessions 



    Moderator: Elizbeth Kastenholz Universidade do Minho

    15:30  |  Sonia Dahab  Social Tourism and Senior University in Portugal: a research proposal

    15:50  |  Celeste Eusébio     Social tourism programmes for senior market: a benefit segmentation

    16:10  |  Eduardo Sarmento    The importance of accessibility for senior tourism in Estoril coast

    16:30  | Hélia Pereira    A Role of Local Communities in a Sustainable Destination Perspective

    16:50  | Sara Santos    New skills, old skills, every day skills


    Moderator: Eduardo Sarmento Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa

    15:30  |  Margarida Rebelo   Senior tourism in algarve: Agreeability and functionality as drivers to an integrated approach of public policies

    15:50  |  Jorge Mangorrinha  | Helena Gonçalves Pinto  Wellness comes from the sea: Thalassotherapy in Portugal and the “Barra Thalasso” Spa (Nazaré)

    16:10  |  Elisa Nogueira    Running as a leisure experience for older adults: a qualitative study in Rio de Janeiro

    16:30  |  Maria Tiago  Grey tourism patterns: Evidences in Europe

    16:50  |  Ana Martins  Architecture and Ageing: Senior Equipment Tourism - Critical Success Factors

  • 17:00 | Coffee Break
  • 17:15 | THEMATIC WORKSHOP – CASE STUDIES  Ageing and Lifelong Learning

                     Chairman: Villaverde Cabral Social Sciences Institute, University of Lisbon 


                     François Véllas World Association of Third Age Universities  |  Universities of third Age - Contrbution to Senior Tourism 


                     Ana Sepúlveda 40+Lab  |  Senior Consumer - The end of the age segmentation era


                     Amélia Pilar Rauter  Faculty of Science - Lisbon University  |  PERSSILAA - PERsonalised CT Supported Service for Independet Living and Active Ageing      


                     Sérgio Ribeiro  AEP - Portuguese Entrepeneurial Association  |   Healthy'n Portugal


  • 20:30 | Gala Dinner



  • November, 28th                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tourism & AGEING business Agenda (AICEP and TURISMO de PORTUGAL, IP)

  • 08:30 | Registration
  • 09:00 | Opening Session

                     Pedro Ortigão Correia  Executive Administrator of  AICEP Portuguese Business Agency

  • 10:00 | Health Tourism & Regional Development

                    Chairman: Carlos Martins 


                    Pedro Lopes da Mata ICA and CEMBREU (Centre Européen Médical Bioclimatique de Recherche et d'Enseignement Universiaire) | Climatology, Health and Development 


                    Adriano Barreto Ramos Caldas da Felgueira, Termas & SPA | Health, Wellness and Tourism: A winning strategy


                    Paulo Sousa Particular Hospital of Algarve  |  Starting a health tourism destination – an experience in Portugal


                    Carlos Mouta Travel Health Experience  |  Porto Medical Tourism Simulator - A partnerchip between public and private institutions          


                    Miguel Castelo Branco Hospital Centre of  Cova da Beira  |  Medical Tourism as a tool of economic development for Cova da Beira region                                                                                                                                 

  • 13:00 | Lunch
  • 14:30 | Senior and Wellness Market 

                    Chairman: Pedro Ortigão Correia 


                    Nadège Gaillard My Silver Way, France  |   French moving to Portugal at the age of retirement: a new market to address


                    Miguel Quirino Wide Travel   |  Tourism & Well-Being for All


                    Francisca Sottomayor Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Hotel   |  Active Ageing in Algarve - A New Approach                                                                                                                                                                           

                    Pedro Lopes Coimbra Hospitals  - CHUC  |   CHUC’s international offer: a global perspective


                    Luís Fareleiro Glamheath  |  EuropaService - The German CrossBorder Healthcare Approach                                                                

  • 17:00 | Coffee Break

  • 17:30 | Health and Wellness Tourism - Challenges for the future 

                    Chairman: Teresa Ferreira  Turismo de Portugal


                    Oscar Almendros European Commission  (Tourism Policy Unit)  |  Europe, Best Destination for Seniors 


                    Joaquim Cunha Health Cluster Portugal  |  Portugal: the right place for a healthy retirement


                    Pamela Frank  Minnesota International Medicine, USA


                   John F. Morris  GSMA Solutions at Global Strategic Management Associates, USA  |  Show me the money: a comparative analysis of reimbursement strategies Pamela Frank  Minnesota International Medicine, USA


                     Julian José González-Ulecia José de Mello Group  |  Recovering and maintaining independent life-style; improving dependent life-style. The experience of DomusVida

  • 20:30 | Closing Ceremony

                    Keynote Speaker: Paulo Portas Deputy Prime Minister 

                    Honor Committee: 

                     Pedro Ortigão Correia  Executive Administrator of  AICEP Portuguese Business Agency 

                     Luís Reto Rector of ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon

                     Carlos Carreiras President of Cascais Municipality

                     Luís Vilar Cooordinator of School of Tourism, Sports & Hospitality of Universidade Europeia 

                     Carlos  Martins CEO of Public Hospitals

                     Vitor Costa President of TRE- Lisboa Region 

                     Ceia da Silva President of TRE - Alentejo 

                     Francisco Calheiros President of Confederation Portuguese of Tourism

                     Cristina Siza Vieira  President of Executive Direccion of AHP

  • Licínio Cunha National Expert in Tourism

  • NOVEMBER, 29TH     

  • 09:00 | CASCAIS Social Trip, Municipality of Cascais